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Short story

The idea of a map, where everyone can find a book which action takes place in any part of the world, was born in a small bookstore in Olsztyn. We met there. We both had experience in the book industry on corporate and business side, as well as working in public institutions and promoting readerships as a notion. We wanted something more and in 2016 we set out on an adventure.

First, the Literary World Map was created. It was barely the seed of a wider idea. Everyone could browse the map and mark any place with a quote from the book. The concept of the portal grew with the number of quotes. It is difficult to think about some books without relation to films, TV series or computer games. In addition, fragments of literary texts on the map are not enough. You could use additional information to travel in the footsteps of fictional heroes. When the professionals in IT and business (Marek, Krzysztof, Zbyszek, Radek) believed in our idea, a band was formed and the age of Story-Planet began.


Meet us

LITERACKA SP. Z OO, Project: "Implementation of the business model and introduction of the innovative PLOT ON SPOT platform on national and international market" co-financed under the Operational Program Eastern Poland 2014-2020 priority axis I: Entrepreneur Eastern Poland, Measure 1.1 Start-up platforms for the new ideas, Sub-measure 1.1 .2 Development of start-ups in Eastern Poland, value of co-financing: PLN 776,177.50