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A journey with Harry Potter

From the Seven Kingdoms to Braavos
June 19, 2018

Let's face it, many of us still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. Of course, one must not stop believing that he has gone missing at the post office and will, however, reach us sometime. In the meantime, we know Muggle life, and in times of crisis we return to books and films about the adventures of Harry Potter.

What if you really immersed yourself in the magical world? If visiting Hogwarts or Diagon Alley was possible?

It's just magic! Grab your broom (yes, they just pretend to be ordinary sweepers) and set off with us in the footsteps of Harry Potter!

We're starting in London, the city where it all began. To travel through the world of magic it is necessary to properly prepare, so shopping on Pokątna Street is obligatory! Of course, we need the right currency, so we'll quickly find our safe-deposit box at the Gringotts Bank, Australia House. -> click


With pockets full of galleons, we're headed for Leadenhall Market -> click. The Victorian bazaar building, whose origins date back to the fourteenth century, hides more than one secret. And then we look at Goodwin's Court - you will feel the atmosphere right away! Just do not get los...


With a full cup, we can move on, Hogwarts waiting! To get to him, we have to catch the right train from the appropriate platform. Of course, it's about platform 9¾ at King's Cross -> click


A moment of hesitation ... this time we will certainly not break the wall - a secret passage to the world of wizards.

A long way ahead of us, because to take the Hogwarts Express train ride and enjoy the scenery with videos, we have to teleport to Scotland -> Go!

The Jacobite Steam Train departs from the area of the highest mountain of Britain, Ben Nevis, and takes us to the Loch Ness lake, where we recognize the Hogwarts grounds. After 84 miles of travel by Scottish steam train, we have to go back to England and get off at Hogsmeade, which is at the station in Goathland in Yorkshire -> click


Already from a distance we will recognize the Alnwick massif -> click and we can finally feel what Harry and his friends experienced when they first came to Hogwarts! The castle still lives in Northumberland, and its family has been there for over 700 years!

In realit Hogwarts is not just one place, but several! Alnwick Castle is the first of two locations that served to show the building from the outside. To see the famous front entrance with towers and enter the school courtyards, we have to move to the Durham Cathedral -> click

If we've already seen the castle from outside, it's time to go inside! Time to visit the Cathedral in Gloucester -> click, where you can stroll around school corridors. It is worth mentioning that both cathedrals were founded in the 11th century and are representatives of, respectively, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.


We are moving towards the end of our trip, but to become a true student of Hogwarts, we have to spend some time in the school library. Hermione would not forgive us if we did not go there ... The Bodleian Library -> click of the University of Oxford is one of the oldest in Europe and it's really easy to feel the magic in it. You can be surprised when the book removed from the bookshelf does not contain spells, just plain Muggle text...

So, are You ready to follow Harry Potter's footsteps and discover his magical world?

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