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From the Seven Kingdoms to Braavos

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Two continents in one day or from Seven Kingdoms to Braavos

Croatia – the land of the Plitvice lakes, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and many marvellous historic monuments. Some come back here over and over again, travelling around region by region. If you are a Dalmatia enthusiast and you also love Game of Thrones, there is a new and exciting trail for you to discover. See for yourself that you can find Croatia not only on the pages of the travel guides, but also on the maps of Westeros.

The land of beaches, palaces and Game of Thrones....


Dubrovnik – capital of the Seven Kingdoms

In the Game of Thrones second season, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms is located in Dubrovnik. The city witnessed the fate of the Lannister family and many dramatic battles. The Red Keep with the Iron Throne inside was based atop the Aegon’s High Hill, just like Fort Lovrijenac, which lies on 37 meters high rocks of the Lovrijenac peninsula. The Fort dominates over Dubrovnik and seems to be its guard. The stone walls of the Fort’s corridors were the seat of the king of the Seven Kingdoms and Minčeta Tower was used as the exterior of House of Undying in the town of Qarth.

The historic Old Town became the confidant of the secrets revealed during the Sparrows meetings, and on the streets here many frightening events took place. Can you remember the walk of shame and naked Cersei Lannister confronting the crowds of the city? She walked from the stairs ff the Great Sept of Baelor, which actually are famous baroque stairs in Dubrovnik. Then, she continues on Stradun street to the Red Keep.

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The gardens of King’s Landing

The gardens of King’s Landing are located in the little village of Trseno, just about 20 km from Dubrovnik. When I was here in 2008 the contrast between the beauty of one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe and war damages was striking. The place seemed to be abandoned and overgrown with vegetation. However, several years later the gardens were chosen to be the background for the turbulent fate of King’s Landing, full of victories and downfalls. This is where the characters of Game of Thrones – Margeary and Sansa, Varys and Tyrion or Cersei and Olenna, were strolling slowly through flowery alleys while conducting diplomatic negotiations and sharing secrets.Here you find more


From the wilderness of Westeros to Braavos

The magical Krka National Park hides in its heart the amazing Skradinski Buk waterfalls. The park was the scenery of many locations in the fifth season of Game of Throne. The vast areas of the Seven Kingdoms (Westeros) were separated by the narrow sea from the town of Braavos (Essos), where Arya Stark found a shelter. In fact, the sea is just a dozen kilometres wide. For the tv series, the city of Szybenik was used as the location for Braavos. We can find there The House of Black and White, The Temple of the Faceless Men and The Iron Bank. The last one was situated in St. Jakob’s Cathedral – one of the most beautiful in Dalmatia. Do you want more? Here you go!


Ston – the walk thought the walls of the King’s Landing

The construction of the longest defensive wall in Europe starts in XIV century. Nowadays, the wall is 6 kilometres long, studded with towers and bastions. The wall is placed on a side of steep hills and guards the Pelješac peninsula, but also the King’s Landing in the second season of Game of Thrones. It is impossible to think of better scenery for this tv series, as we remember, it is all about the Wall! The walk through the walls of King’s Landing takes about half an hour.

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