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Plot on Spot

How pairing a movie, a wine and a place will make you a better wine lover?
May 14, 2018
Outer space landscapes
May 17, 2018

We fill places with content!

People read books, watch movies and travel to broaden their horizons, now we give them the opportunity to enjoy all this in one place.

Discover Plot on Spot and have fun exploring the world through the storyline of your favorite movies, books and series. How many times have you had an irresistible desire to travel to a place that you knew only from a book or a movie? The list of inspiring scenes, threads and film frames is huge. The fate of your favorite heroes, scenery, descriptions of places in which action takes place, can awaken the appetite for a trip.

We created Plot on Spot because of our love of traveling and culture. We are a startup founded in 2016 by specialists in the following industries: bookstore and publishing, event and new technologies. We imagined an internet platform that would take the whole world of fiction from human imagination to real space on the world map. That's how started (web portal and mobile application), which collects information about locations (specific locations on the world map) related to the plot and creation of: movies, books, series, comics and games.

Add plots, rate and comment on

"Plot on Spot is something that has not been seen yet. An inspiring solution for those who love travel and culture.” is all global storytelling in one place.

For now, we invite you to use the beta version, ultimately we plan to become the most recognizable feature portal in the world, inspiring to cultural tourism, travel planning, finding curiosities about places, books, films, heroes.


How to use Plot on Spot?

Now everyone can become a Sploter and co-create the portal by adding information (Plots) about selected books or films related to the real location anywhere on the world map..
After creating an account and logging in to the website - clicking on "Add PLOT" will open the form, where you can write texts, post photos and link videos and websites, mark places on the map, choose books and movies.
Does James Bond's house is "Skyfall" really exist?


On Plot on spot, you will find the stories related to your travel direction and find out where the action of your favorite book or movie takes place. You can also rate, add to favorites and comment on PLOTS from other authors. Soon you will be able to contact other users sharing common interests, recommendations and trip plans, and Plot on Spot will repay you with access to e-book content and valuable prizes.

If you have comments, ideas, information that you want to share with us, so that we can create an interesting and useful platform for fans of books, films and travel - send us a message. Maybe it will be the beginning of a beautiful cooperation :)


Tips for Sploters (PLOT authors)

When creating a PLOT, make sure that it has as much information as possible, it will be more useful to other users.
• Place a photo gallery, link to a movie or music.
• Try to describe in detail the information about the relationship between the place and the story. You can describe the actual place, its history, the atmosphere that prevails there.
• Choose what activities can be done in the place (sightseeing, art, food, entertainment, shopping, tourism, event, education etc.)
• Check to whom your PLOT is targeted to (families with children, singles, couples, etc.)
• Connect PLOT with other similar PLOTS.
o you can add a link to the website that relates to the place or story being described
o share your Plot on Facebook or blog.

In the PLOT form, you should choose Source - it is the title of the book, film, series, or author's name.
The series is a collection of works connected by a common title or referring to the same source, eg Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings - this will come in handy when the written content is related to both the film and, for example, a book or a series of books, not a specific volume, part, episode.

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