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Dinosaurs come back in a big way

How pairing a movie, a wine and a place will make you a better wine lover?
May 14, 2018

After three years, Raptor named Blue and the team returns to theaters .

In June we will see the fifth part of Jurassic Park called “The fallen kingdom”.”. Expectations regarding the new version are high, considering that Jurassic Word made almost 1.7 billion dollars. Only "Titanic" and "Avatar" turned out better. This time, Owen and Claire will save the dinosaurs after the extinct volcano comes to life. The official trailer was just been released. See what to get ready for

Po raz kolejny rezerwat przyrody Kualoa Ranch na Hawajach został domem dla dinozaurów

The film was shot in the United Kingdom: London, Iver Heath, Langley and Hawaii: Kualoa Private Nature Reserve. Hawaiian location was used by the filmmakers once again. Maybe it is a worth to choose it for your next travel destinations.

A trip to the island of Kualoa will make you feel like you have been teleported to the Jurassic Park movie set. Wild nature, dense jungle and lots of surprising adventures - images quite different then common beach views known form Hawaii. The reserve is called "The Garden Isle" because it hosts the beautiful rainforests that fill entire island.


Pali Coast on Kauai


Limahuli garden in Hanalei is part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. It is open to visitors.

Do you remember the electric fence that had to be dealt with before Ellie could restore the current? It was located near the Olokele Valley, north-west of Waimei.

Ready for breathtaking scenery and a great adventure with dinosaurs?

Check Jurassic Park's plot here ->

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